Cadavre Exquis

Cadavre Exquis is an exploration of automatic thinking where ego and mind are omitted from the equation while creating a spontaneous landscape. This installation has been generated as an improvisation in situ with the discordant available colors. Cadavre Exquis is the serendipitous composite of the uncoordinated collective effort of Jean-Yves Roy, plant selection; François Leblanc, veils and field operations; Nomad, planting layout; Nomad in collaboration with Monsieur Claude of Deschênes, wall colors; and Cynthia Admiral, field assistance. 

This year, chromatism is also the star. Two of the most interesting side effects of the resultant color palette are, the exposure of the role that light plays in perceiving colors, and the personal judgement of color combinations... How does it feel?

Images courtesy of Jardins de Metis © Louise Tanguay.




Quebec, Canada

Jardins de Metis 2015

Work in Progress


Jean-Yves Roy

François Leblanc

Cynthia Admiral



Plant Selection . 

Veils . 

Wall .