A flock of hangers swarming upwards generates the two planes that define the space
for this pavilion. Thousands of re-purposed hangers are assembled in pyramidal modules
to create the light envelope for the pavilion. This metallic mesh reveals the silhouette of
the wooden skeleton contained within the two planes.

The contradiction in visual weight and materials aims to make visible the tension
between heavy and light in terms of our relation with natural systems, in this particular
case, within the urban realm. Our settlements are meant to be permanent within an
impermanent context. They are reductionist and rigid enterprises nested within an
ever-changing, complex and interconnected flexible network.

Currently, NYC is the world’s most progressive space of dialogue. However, its built
environment does not answer in return. Avant-garde people and ideas swarm graciously
around the rigid urban canvas. We envision the future NYC as a reformulated urban
landscape where a flexible and adaptable infrastructure surrounds its cultural treasure:
an open and diverse space of dialogue created spontaneously by people. We believe
that in the future, the City will be the first to reflect a new paradigm in the collective
intelligence, where we understand our societies as temporary light living structures
supported by a collaborative effort, and plug seamless to the natural systems.






Govenors Island, NY

City of Dream Pavilion 2016 Competition