Labyrinthe en Rose - Chaumont 2016.

The twenty-first century is taking us into the future at a high speed. We do not have time to be waiting, we want the future to be the present! We are voraciously consuming time and digesting it into the past. Take a break, and enjoy the magnificent flower walls of this Labyrinthe en Rose where time is bent and past, present and future coexist.

This garden takes the footprint of a vernacular garden’s feature, the labyrinth, and translates it into twenty-first century vocabulary utilizing green wall technology.
The configuration of this maze is based in two offsets of the existing hedge with the intention of integrating this green wall seamlessly as a part of the garden. The offsets create a set of pink walls that delineate the corridors of the labyrinth where the visitors are welcomed to wonder in the spectacular pink atmosphere.
The pink walls are vertical plate bande de fleurs heavily planted with annuals that bloom in shades of pink and white.



Chaumont-sur-Loire, France

Festival 2016