pseudoPLANTS proposes a reflection: what is a plant? Hydroponics has introduced itself hand in hand with urban agriculture and it is perceived as a sustainable agricultural
practice, is it? From which perspective? Is a vegetable that grows without soil still a plant? Moreover, is a plant still a plant if it has embedded in its genetic code genes of a
different natural kingdom?

pseudoPLANTS is an out of the box urban farm for the city of Philadelphia for the summer of 2018. pseudoPLANTS merges horticulture and design with an artistic approach to create a space that host an open forum for civic discussion.

pseudoPLANTS is a movable container farm ready to surprise and inspire a culturally diverse audience to engage into a dialogue about agriculture. pseudoPLANTS is a 2,000 sqf vertical vegetable garden composed of 30 mobile walls. There are 6 different wall typologies, having all of them in common a planted face and a informational face. This diversity, in conjunction with its mobile aspect, provides an outstanding versatility to the urban farm allowing ever-changing layouts throughout the summer.



Philadelphia, PA. USA