Columniation - Sculptural Space.

The intrinsic distinction of Chattanooga as an intersection presents itself in the meeting of Market and First Street as a transformational juncture: Columniation, an immersive sculptural space articulated by the materialization of the void, a monumental colonnade awaiting and anticipating new interaction and dialogue.

The design strategy presents a framework for an iconic landscape that enhances the urban environment, but furthermore it transforms the intersection into a space for dialogue and reflection, a space to inspire and be inspired: an immersive sculptural space.

The sculptural space has been modeled inspired from the unique landscapes of Chattanooga and its region, our reflections about its character as an intersection, and its history and relevance within our present time.

Columniation is a space that continues the conversation bravely started with The Passage that commemorates the Trail of Tears, by Team Gadugi, and recently resumed by Meg Saligman’s Mural at MLK Boulevard. Columniation is an arena for understanding, and insightful understanding starts with the acknowledgment of uncomfortable voids.

Submerse in this monumental blue hypostyle and feel the presence of the intangible, allow the void to permeate your spirit. Fill the void, talk with me. Feel the difference between us, a spacious arena for creation.



Plan View - Spring & Summer

Columniation. Chattanooga, TN

Section - Fall

Columniation. Chattanooga, TN

Elevation - Winter

Columniation. Chattanooga, TN