DUMBO, Brooklyn 2013. Photo by Maysn McReynolds

Nomad Studio is a design office committed to innovative landscape architecture, planning, art and urban design. Its work explores the
interaction between art and landscape and its influence on society and environment.


Nomad Studio is an internationally awarded full service design and Landscape Architecture Firm. The studio prides itself as a boutique Landscape Architecture firm with a focus in excellence. Nomad Studio intentionally maintain a small studio footprint supported by a diverse international group of professionals in order to provide flexibility, optimize communication and maximize awareness of their clients’ needs. In this manner, and by tailoring a specific team of professionals per project, they are able to address and accomplish a broad range of project types and scales.

Nomad Studio infuses each project with a creative balance between a systematic study and an intuitive approach that acts as a catalyst to combine art and contemporary design with natural elements. 


Nomad Studio was established circa 2009 in New Orleans, LA. Currently is based out of New York City, NY. 

Nomad Studio Landscape Architecture PLLC is CLARB Certified: We are registered in: LA, TX, NY

William Roberts.


The landscape of South East Louisiana has marked the life and professional career of William E. Roberts. As a child he learned to coexist, respect and enjoy the waterscapes of the Mississippi River Delta. This, in conjunction with his passion for exploring and traveling, has resulted in what he has become on a professional level: a steward of landscape architecture who combines creativity with the utmost respect for nature.

After completing his degree in Landscape Architecture from LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, William has developed his career over 11 years working on domestic and international projects. In 2009 his entrepreneurial spirit led him to create Nomad Studio, a landscape architecture and design studio, along with his partner, Laura Santín.

At Nomad Studio he has been able to let his professional and personal concerns and interests roam freely, creating unique experiences and places which foster a connection between people and landscape.



Laura Santín.


If there is one word for defining Laura, that would be curiosity. Her multiple travels and close relationship with the mountains and natural environment have created in her a special sensibility for submerging herself and understanding the landscape. A sensibility which has permeated her personal and professional life.

She earned a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Engineering and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Laura has developed her 15-year career mainly as a freelance professional organizing, managing and heading projects of various scales. This experience encompasses a wide spectrum which ranges from horticulture to the social and environmental implications of the built environment, through sustainable rural development, recreational trails, parks, plazas, and residential gardens.

After leaving Spain and moving to the United States, she founded Nomad Studio along with William Roberts in 2009. This is a business and personal enterprise in which each project has an ultimate objective: to understand the causes of the lack of connection between humans and nature and, consequently, promote a shift to bridge the disconnection.