SHIT! - Waste-scapes as cultural landscapes

SHIT! is a zero-waste installation made of waste. SHIT! is a straight line that severs the landscape: a three dimensional line crosses each of the distinct ecosystems of the site forming a dialogue with the landscape.

“Shit” is a building block within natural systems. It is one more step in an everlasting cycle
where all resources are constantly being recycled and re-purposed. However, we transform “shit” into waste. When we manage those resources, we introduce the concept of waste into the systems by breaking and disrupting the closed cycles. A relevant example within Texas is cattle management.
Waste is an exclusive concept of the human life-style. Waste is a cultural construction that
reflects the ethos of the society that generates it. These waste-scapes are one more manifestation of our rigid approach to life. The disconnection to these landscapes is responsible for the global consequences of our derelict life-style.




Austin, TX

Field Constructs Design Competition