Flirt - LAGI 2012.

“Flirt” is both, a High Altitude Wind Power Plant (HAWP) and a multidimensional land art installation that draws the attention of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn with a seductive ballet of kites that entices people to rediscover Staten Island. “Flirt” transforms the current bulky infrastructure of energy production into a light, dynamic, and interactive event wrapped in art: a sculptural installation of amber stones nested within the meadows of Fresh Kills Park. 

The mounds of the park will host 18 HAWP Units, each with the potential of harvesting 4 -12 GWh/year. 

 Award: Shortlisted 25 Teams



Fresh Kills Park, NY. 

LAGI 2012.

Competition - Finalist



Flirt. Field of Ambers.

Flirt. Elektron.

Flirt. Brooklyn Bridge View.