Leavenworth Circle Re-design Initiative.

The design strategy presents a framework for a healing landscape, a Landscape re-Generator that addresses not only the site, but its context by providing a pedestrian environment, tackling the blighted landscape, and activating the community. The strategy can be synthesized as one statement: Leavenworth Circle as a connector within an active corridor. 

The Leavenworth Circle is envisioned as a critical node for the future connected urban landscape of the city of Syracuse, NY. The Circle would be part of a proposed 4.2 mile urban loop of green corridors serving the entire city and activating opportunities within the community of the Near West Side. These green corridors have been conceived as complete streets to serve both commuters and recreational users.
Within this loop, the Leavenworth Circle transforms into a connector between downtown Syracuse and its southern suburbs. In addition to the connecting mission, the Circle
is envisioned as a versatile landscape that also creates a destination.

To create the Leavenworth Circle Park, the vehicular circulation has been altered from the present configuration. In order to simplify the current intersection and take advantage of
redundant infrastructure, it is proposed to close the portion of W. Onondaga Street that terminates into Delaware Street. By doing so, together with the incorporation of adjacent vacant properties, the Leavenworth Circle transforms into a large public green area, 1.6 acres, for the neighborhood and for Syracuse.

The Leavenworth Circle Park is charismatic node that reestablishes the tension at both ends of West Onondaga Street providing a magnetic terminus for the historical corridor of West Onondaga.





A Magnetic Terminus

Public Presentation. October 2016, Syracuse, NY.

Leavenworth Circle Park, a connector within an active corridor

Public Presentation. October 2016, Syracuse, NY.

A Canvas for Public Interaction

Public Presentation. October 2016, Syracuse, NY.