Peace Corps Commemorative Space.

There are lines circumscribing our imagination, inherited drawings that define
and divide us. We are born into this, within a tangled mess of lineages and charts,
a geometry of evolving symbols that become borders inside and around us,
including or excluding our dreams.
The United States was born to erase those lines, and provide a common ground
where free people can live and thrive as equals peacefully. The Peace Corps is
driven by this ideal and this space celebrates its mission of providing people the
opportunity to move through the lines that separate us to imprint a better

The space has been modeled inspired by the lasting impressions of both the
experiences of the volunteers and the people they interact with. Together they
move forward overcoming the inherited lines.
This impression is subtly embossed into a leveled ground where lines transform
into impermanent walls of water that we are able to interact with and pass through. 



Washington, DC. USA

Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation.